fish fry dinner

Fridays at The Killabrew


Our haddock is fresh every Friday and served with a lemon wedge and our own homemade tarter sauce.

Sandwiches are served with a choice of 1 side.

Dinners & platters are served with a choice of 2 sides.

The following items are only available after 4:00pm: Beer Batter Fish Sandwich, Beer Batter Fish Dinner, Cajun Haddock w/ Swiss, Roasted Red Pepper Haddock, New England Haddock, Prime Rib Dinner.

Additional Sides Available: Baked Potato & Our Famous Twice Baked Potato


  1. Homemade New England Clam Chowder - (Cup or Bowl)
  2. Fish Sandwich -
  3. Baked or Broiled Sandwich -
  4. Fish Fry Dinner -
  5. Baked or Broiled Haddock Dinner -
  6. Fried Shrimp Platter -
  7. Fried Clam Platter -
  8. Fried Scallop Platter -
  9. Fisherman Seafood Platter - (1/2 piece of fresh haddock, fried scallops, fried clams & fried shrimp)
  10. Beer Batter Fish Sandwich -
  11. Beer Batter Fish Dinner -
  12. Cajun Haddock w/ Swiss -
  13. Roasted Red Pepper Haddock - (fresh haddock baked w/ roasted red peppers & onions topped w/ melted sharp cheddar cheese)
  14. New England Haddock - (haddock baked w/ a cracker-crumb topping mixed w/ scallions & mushrooms, topped w/ crispy bacon)
  15. Prime Rib Dinner - (8oz - 10oz of fresh prime rib cooked to order & served w/ a salad and baked potato)

This is a difficult time for everyone. Please read here for Killabrew's COVID-19 Updates.

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